5 Best Home Easy Eco Swaps- All Handmade in Cornwall

Looking after our planet can be expensive. These 5 easy eco swaps are a great first step to living more sustainably, and they're all available in one place, meaning only one postage price!

Beeswax Wraps

Nearly 1.2 billion metres of clingfilm is used in the UK every year- that's 745,000 miles of it! Sadly this plastic pollution can end up in our oceans, harming wildlife and us. Luckily, more and more passionate people are starting small businesses to help reduce plastic waste and care for our planet. Beeswax wraps are a fantastic solution and such an easy swap for your kitchen. At around £16 for 3, they're amazing value. They can last for years if cared for properly meaning they save you money on buying single-use plastic and foil.

Vegan Food Wraps

Making the swap to reusable food wraps can be tricky if you're a vegan, due to the fact that they use beeswax. However we have the solution: VEGAN food wraps are now available to buy at The Cornish Highstreet. They're made using a blend of soya, Candellila wax, Jojoba wax and Damar resin to create flexible wraps with stick, so you can care for the planet and keep your food fresh no matter what lifestyle you choose.

Food Waste Bird Table

There are many benefits to composting; it creates rich soil for plants to grow, reduces the amount of methane being released in landfill sites and decreases the cost of managing landfill. However, home-composting is not always available to everyone; it requires enough outdoor space to create and maintain a compost heap and if your local council does not compost food waste, it can feel like you have little choice. We have found the perfect solution for those with less outdoor space; the Food Waste Bird Table!