Cornish Coast Path Challenge- Penzance to Marazion

Distance: 7.52 miles

Time: 2 hour 28 minutes

After a week of resting my knee I thought it would be good to get back out there so we chose a very flat and easy walk from Penzance Promenade to Marazon. This was now walk 8 of our Cornish Coast Path challenge and, despite setbacks, we were doing okay!

I'll be sharing tips from all our Cornish Coast path walks in a series of blog posts; check out our previous blog post all about our walk from Porscatho to St Antony. Or this one from Carbis Bay to St Ives.

This is such a pleasant walk for all abilities. There is a long stretch of flat, concrete pavement all the way along Penzance Bay- perfect for prams and wheelchair users (especially seeing as you can park alongside the road so it's easily accessible to the pavement- beware of in season parking restrictions here though). You can see the wonderful St Michael's Mount from Penzance so this is a great place to enjoy a walk with a view!

We walked past the train station and over a footbridge, passing all the trains having a rest at the end of the line. The concrete path continues past Long Rock and towards Marazion. When we got closer to Marazion the path eventually stopped and we had to choose to either walk on the beach or on the pavement. As we wanted to stay as close to nature as possible we opted for the beach- this might have been a bad choice on my knee!

As we strolled slowly towards Marazion, the castle on the Mount got bigger and bigger. The weather was pretty gloomy that day so the Mount towered over the bay as an ominous silhouette. We continued walking through Marazion town until we got to a car park and stopped for a moment to view the mount before turning back.

As the tide was high we couldn't walk out to the Mount, however if you're visiting Marazion, I highly recommend planning this walk for when the tide is low so you can walk across the natural cobbled path to the mount- it's spectacular and full of history. You can find out more about the Mount and the story of Cormoran the giant, who's heart is said to be in the cobbled stones of the mount, here.

On the way back we got a bit stuck, the beach we had walked accross was now covered by the rising tide, so we had to find another route back. Beware of this when you're planning your journeys- the tides can cut you off and the weather can be unpredictable. These are some helpful tips for coastal walking from the RNLI.

Luckily there was a path back towards Penzance and we strolled back in the rain. Although it was cold it was pleasant to be outdoors. Something about being stuck in a lockdown for months makes you appreciate your surroundings even more!

Top Tip: If you're planning on walking the whole Cornish Coast path as a challenge, be it over a year or multiple years, always choose a start and end point of each route, so that you know where to go from the next time. In this case, we parked right by the pool on Penzance Promenade and chose a car park to stop at in Marazion.

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