How To Make Your Garden A Wildlife Paradise

Being in touch with nature is great for our mental health. Whether you've got a stylish terrace or a long winding jungle, here are some tips on how to make your garden a wildlife paradise.

Wildflower Balls

Plantaball wild flower balls are a great way to attract

beautiful bees and butterflies to your garden.

These compact balls of soil are filled with a huge variety of native wild flowers. They're designed to be super easy to plant and maintain, so even if you're more of an admirer than a gardener, you can still master the wild flower balls. Here are some of the stunning flowers you can get from your Plantaballs. Perfect for a vibrant garden buzzing with life.

Bird Feeders

We love seeing the birds visit our garden when we're sat out enjoying the sunshine. Despite our cheeky cat, they still come and visit us and they really love our bird feeders.

They're a great way to attract cute wildlife, such as wrens and robins, and it's even better if they're sustainably made! These bird feeders are made from recycled materials here in Cornwall, the perfect accessory to care for wildlife in your garden.

Food Waste Bird Feeder

On the subject of sustainability, we particularly love this bird feeder. If you garden isn't quite big enough for a compost heap, the Food Waste Bird Table is the perfect solution. It's designed to hang in your garden, where you can add food waste, such as leftover rice, fruit and bread. Also made from recycled materials, it's the perfect zero waste addition to your garden, attracting all sorts of birds!

Bring The Wildlife Inside

If you don't have any outside space to try some of these tips, not to worry! You can bring the wildlife inside with these stunning bird wall art stickers. Beautifully detailed paintings, by Carla from St Agnes, are made into removable stickers to add a touch of nature to your home. Jazz up your bedroom with a peacock, bring your house plants alive with the hummingbirds, invite a cute little wren into your kitchen, or give your bathroom a seaside feel with

the flying kingfisher!

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