How To Redecorate Your Home With Accessories On A Budget

Redecorating your home can be expensive and time consuming, but there comes a time when you feel you just need a refresh. Check out our easy hacks to spruce up your home without breaking the bank!

Make it Jazzy

It's surprising what difference an ornament can make to a room. Especially when that ornament is bright and bold! Make your bedroom pop with colour with this stunning peacock removable wall art sticker.

Make your living room into a desert haven with this Cool Cactus Mini Plant Pot (can also be used for accessories!).

Make your bathroom feel like a seaside getaway with these Marble Blue Soap Dishes made from Eco-resin.

All of these product are made here in Cornwall. Your home doesn't have to be boring- with our handmade decorations the possibilities are endless!

Peacock Sticker- £10, Cactus Pot- £9.99, Marble Effect Soap Dish- £13.99

Details in Decoration

Details can make all the difference when it comes to decoration.

Adding finishing touches can make your house feel like a home, but they often come at a price. Luckily we have totally affordable decorations to perfect each room.

These beautiful wall art stickers add a touch of Spring to your home, giving your space and wild and natural feel. Keep it subtle with a cute little wren or bring your houseplant alive with the colourful hummingbirds. Check out The Cornish Highstreet's website for more designs!

The stunning birds are hand painted in Cornwall and made into vinyl stickers, designed to look like they're painted straight onto your wall!

Wildlife Wall Art- £8-£14

Staying in Touch with Nature

We spend a lot of time in our home, so it's important that on those rough weather days we're able to stay in touch with nature. These beautiful moon phase wall hangings can add a sense of peace and calm to any room.

Handmade in Cornwall, they're the perfect decoration for bringing the mystery of the night sky inside.

Moon Phase Wall Hanging- £15

Homeware to Help You Get Outside

Living by the coast is wonderful, and getting out to see the crashing winter waves or summer sunset is great for your mental health. These stylish clocks will predict the tide times so you know what to expect at the beach in just a glance.

The moon phase predictions tell you when to expect a full moon so you can plan your star-gazing evening with hot chocolate and a cosy campfire.

Not only that but these clocks are made from recycled plastics, it's a win all round for nature.

Tide and Time Clock- £29.95

Moon, Tide and Time Clock- £39.95

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