How To Use Your Beeswax Wraps

Ditch the cling film and foil; here's your easy guide to using beeswax (and vegan) wraps!

If you've never used beeswax wraps, they might seem like a bit of a mystery to you. You might be wondering how they keep things fresh, or how they seal round packaging without falling off. Don't worry! These were all the queries I had before using beeswax wraps too. Here's an easy guide on how to use them:

Beeswax wraps and vegan food wraps are made out of a formula that naturally seals from the warmth of your hands. Our Beeswax wraps and vegan wraps contain a mixture of Cornish beeswax (or soya), Candellila wax, Jojoba wax and Damar resin. This mixture, once spread onto a funky range of fabrics, makes the wraps flexible.

1. Wrap your wrap around your food product or container.

2. Pinch or press the ends (this will cause the wax to slightly melt enough to seal together- keeping your food fresh for longer).

3. Pop your wrapped food/container in the fridge/cupboard or on the side.

4. When you want to use the food again, simply unwrap the wraps. Then repeat the process to reseal!

Four easy steps to re-use your food wraps again and again, saving the plant and saving you money!

(Beeswax wraps are not recommended for raw meat or fish. Click here to see how to care for your beeswax food wraps)

Here's where we found our facts:

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