Shopping Locally Just Got Easier

St Ives Harbour Cornwall Highstreet

Do you ever feel lost in the world of small businesses? Overwhelmed by the choice of treasures you can buy from local creators? Me too! That's why I created The Cornish Highstreet.

So what is The Cornish Highstreet all about?

The Cornish Highstreet was born from a passion for supporting local, talented people. I love shopping with independent businesses. The feeling of having something unique, that's been made with love is special and the knowledge that your money has been spent supporting a family or an individual makes shopping small even better.

I found I was regularly buying from a variety of small businesses; a scented candle here, a divine smelling soap there, a cute pair of earrings there. But eventually it started to add up. Although I loved supporting the hardworking creators, at every purchase came a postage cost. Or I'd run out of my favourite soap and find myself driving 10 miles to stock up- not the most eco-friendly habit! I wanted a way to support my favourite local sellers without breaking the bank, or the planet.

The Cornish Highstreet is an online shop, where you can buy your favourite things, from small, local businesses, all in one place. We are always looking to expand and innovate to support independent creators, as well as making it easier for people to shop locally. We're working with suppliers to make the planet our priority- we know we're not perfect but we're constantly reviewing stock and relationships with suppliers to ensure our shop is as eco-friendly as possible- more on our sustainability choices coming soon!

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