• These Eco Friendly Vegan food wraps by BeeRetro are great for wrapping your food to keep it fresh. These lovely wraps come as a pack of two. One of each of the designs shown in the photo. The fabrics are organic and GOTS certified, cruelty free cotton. No pesticides or animal, insect derived dyes are used in the making of this product. BeeRetro mixes together a blend of soya, Candellila wax, Jojoba wax and Damar resin to create flexible wraps with stick.


    Please only wash in cold water, and allow the wrap to air dry before using again. Your wrap can also be refreshed in the oven at 100 degrees on a baking sheet for 10 seconds to get rid of crinkles and redistribute the wax once a month if needed. This will also steralise your wrap.

    Vegan Food Wraps

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